Workshop on Supersoft X-ray Sources

Garching, Feb. 28 - Mar. 1, 1996

Here you find the proceedings of the workshop on Supersoft X-ray Sources held at MPE Garching earlier this year. The proceedings have been published in the Springer "Lecture Notes in Physics" Series, vol. 472 in August 1996. Page numbers given here are identical to those of the LNP volume.

Papers of these proceedings volume should be referenced as follows:
Supersoft X-ray Sources, ed. J. Greiner, Lecture Notes in Physics 472, Springer, p. ...

You can get the proceedings either
all in one ps-file (15 Mbyte)
or splitted into the individual chapters of the book:

Content (plus preface and list of participants)
Part I Population Properties of SSS
Part II Winds and Accretion Disks in SSS
Part III X-Ray and Optical Observations of SSS
Part IV Intrinsic Variability of SSS
Part V Supersoft Sources as SN Ia Progenitors
Part VI Symbiotics and Other Related Systems
Part VII Catalog of Supersoft X-ray Sources
Appendix (Subject, Object and Author Index)

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