Adaptive Binning

This page contains the source code for the algorithm described in Sanders & Fabian (2001). The code bins images with a varying bin size, depending on what the count-rate is. The implementation of the algorithm is called AdaptiveBin.



Bugs and improvements

If you have spotted any bugs in the programs, or would like to suggest improvements for later versions, please contact me.

If the build fails when trying to find the CFITSIO header files, this may be because your include files for CFITSIO are not installed in your include directory in "cfitsio/fitsio.h", but are installed as "fitsio.h". If this is the case you may need to modify the file FITS/FITSGeneral.h in the distribution. Change the line "#include <cfitsio/fitsio.h>" to "#include <fitsio.h>".


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