XMM-Newton Survey Science Centre (SSC)
Consortium Meeting No.30
MPE Garching, Germany, 25+26 April 2017


Status and achievements.
3XMM_dr6 has been made public, next release 3XMM_dr7 is expected early 2017. How shall this evolve (e.g., wishes for 4XMM) ?
Production of catalogue of stacked observations.
Science with XMM-Newton archival data and catalogs and software.
Lessons learned from XMM-Newton for future missions?
Calibration requirements for certain scientific questions.

General Information

The SSC Consortium Meeting is expected to follow the usual format, i.e., presentations for the Science Advisory Group (SAG), and SAS Working Group, with a closed session of the Steering Group.
There will be an XMM-Newton EPIC Calibration and Operations meeting (contact: Calibration Scientist Michael.Smith at sciops.esa.int) just following the SSC meeting.
A tentative schedule is:


The list of registered participants is available.


An updated agenda is available. A separate agenda is available for the SAS-WG meeting on Wednesday afternoon.


The meeting will take place at MPE Garching, Germany, in the New Seminar Room (1.1.18) in building X5-West.
There will be wireless internet access available. Details will be distributed at the meeting.


MPE Garching can easily be reached from
For details on public transport you may consult the form based journey planner or a map based version.


There are several hotels in Garching and Munich. For booking you may use internet reservation systems, or contact the hotel directly.
The city of Garching provides a list of hotels. There is also a list of restaurants available.


Please register using the form (or send an email to the LOC). There will be no registration fee.

Social dinner

There will be a social dinner on Tuesday evening at Garchinger Augustiner, Freisinger Landstr.4.

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