Stefania Carpano

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Scientific Interests:

Time analysis of X-ray binaries

Detection of extra-solar planets

Interests in the field of instrumentation:

Development, simulations, ray-tracing and/or calibration of instruments (telescope mirrors, detectors), preferably for future missions.

Recent publications:

Detectability of exoplanet transits with Athena's WFI instrument: testing for white and correlated noise

Discovery of a 26.2 day period in the long-term X-ray light curve of SXP 1323: a very short orbital period for a long spin period pulsar

Discovery of pulsations from NGC 300 ULX1 and its fast period evolution

Discovery of a 23.8 h QPO in the SWIFT light curve of XMMUJ134736.6+173403

My code:

Quick look/analysis tool for XMM-Newton Pipeline Products and Catalogue

Recommended links:

XMM-Newton Science Archive Search

SIXTE: X-Ray telescope observation simulations

Ray-tracing code for X-ray telescopes (Prof. R. Willingale)


Mother tongues: French & Italian

Fluent in: English

Good knowledge of: German, Spanish, Dutch

Computer skills:

Programming languages: Python & Bash (+IDL, Tcl, Perl, Fortran)

Word processor: Latex (+Office suite)


Fitness, swimming, sledging/skiing