Publications as member of the MPE GC team

astro-phTitleJournal Reference
0502129 SINFONI in the Galactic Center: young stars and IR flares in the central light month ApJ 628, 246 (2005)
0509105 Probing Post-Newtonian Physics near the Galactic Black Hole with Stellar Redshift Measurements ApJ 639, L21 (2006)
0510478 GCIRS34W: An irregular variable in the Galactic Centre A&A 448, 305 (2006)
0511302 Variations in the spectral slope of Sgr A* during a NIR flare ApJ 640, L163 (2006)
0601268 The Two Young Star Disks in the Central Parsec of the Galaxy: Properties, Dynamics and Formation ApJ 643, 1011 (2006)
0601273 Clockwise Stellar Disk and the Dark Mass in the Galactic Center submitted to ApJ
0608215 GCIRS16SW: a massive eclipsing binary in the Galactic Center accepted by ApJL