Articles related to our work

Here we list all the articles related to Chandra and XMM surveys obtained with our data reduction. Both data papers and science papers based on the released catalogs are listed below, divided per fields. Please, acknowledge our work if you are using our products.


  • AEGIS-X: the Chandra Deep Survey of the Extended Groth Strip Laird et al. 2009

  • AEGIS-X: Deep Chandra Imaging of the Central Groth Strip Nandra et al. 2015

  • CDFS

  • CANDELS: Constraining the AGN-Merger Connection with Host Morphologies at z ~ 2 Kocevski et al. 2012

  • A statistical relation between the X-ray spectral index and Eddington ratio of active galactic nuclei in deep surveys Brightman et al. 2013

  • CANDELS: The Progenitors of Compact Quiescent Galaxies at z ~ 2 Barro et al. 2013

  • X-ray properties of BzK-selected galaxies in the deepest X-ray fields Rangel et al. 2013

  • CANDELS/GOODS-S, CDFS, ECDFS: Photometric Redshifts For Normal and for X-Ray-Detected Galaxies Hsu et al. 2014

  • X-ray spectral modelling of the AGN obscuring region in the CDFS: Bayesian model selection and catalogue Buchner et al. 2014

  • Compton thick active galactic nuclei in Chandra surveys Brightman et al. 2014

  • Evidence for two modes of black hole accretion in massive galaxies at z ~ 2 Rangel et al. 2014

  • XMM-XXL North

  • A Spectroscopic Survey of X-ray Selected AGN in the Northern XMM-XXM field Menzel et al. 2015

  • X-ray spectral properties of the AGN sample in the XMM-XXL north survey Liu et al. 2015, submitted

  • The X-ray luminosity function of active galactic nuclei in the redshift interval z=3-5 Georgakakis et al. 2015

  • Obscuration-dependent Evolution of Active Galactic Nuclei Buchner et al. 2015

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