Adbin build instructions

Ideally I should use a tool such as GNU automake to create the make files for the program, but as the code is only for compilation with GNU gcc, I use a simple makefile. The code is intended for use on Unix systems. People with other operating systems are on their own!

I've made binaries of the latest distribution. If you would prefer to not build your own copy, download them from here.

  1. Download the Adbin tar.gz distribution
  2. Extract the distribution. With GNU tar the command line is:
    # tar xzf AdaptiveBin-x.x.tar.gz
    With other tars you may need something similar to the command line:
    # gunzip AdaptiveBin-x.x.tar.gz | tar xf -
  3. Change to the distribution directory, i.e.
    # cd AdaptiveBin-x.x
  4. If necessary, add the CFITSIO include and library directories to the gcc search paths. See general notes for help on how to do this.
  5. Use GNU make to build the executables. If GNU make is the standard make on your system, then type:
    # make all
    Other systems may use gnu-make or gmake as their GNU make.
  6. If there are no errors, then you can copy the executables somewhere handy. For example:
    # mkdir ~/adbin
    # cp AdaptiveBin ABPixelCopy FITSMaths ~/adbin


  1. I've found one problem linking the executables on some solaris machines. I've manually had to add -lnsl -lsocket to the linking command, as they are not linked by default.

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