Adbin documentation

Some documentation for using the programs is presented here. In general, the programs try to mainain RCS information from the input files to the output files. If this documentation is insufficient, please examine the source code for the programs or email me.

I have some other related utilities, which are not ready for public release. Contact me if you wish to be informed of updates.



Here are some useful definitions to know when reading the documentation.

Pixel The individual picture-elements which make up the input image.
Bin A collection, or list, of pixels.
Error map An image of the same size as the input image(s). Each pixel in the error map contains the fractional-error of the value in the pixel in the output map. The value in a pixel is the value of the bin containing the pixel.
Bin map (name changed from pixel map) An image of the same size as the input image(s). Each bin created by the adaptive-binning program is labelled by an integer, starting with 0. The value of a pixel in the bin map specifies which bin the pixel belongs to. Using the bin map, other images of the same size as the input image can be binned in the same way.
Error-threshold The maximum fractional error allowed on the value of a bin.
Combined colour Ratio of the counts in a bin in several different bands, [(0/1)/2]/3... (See Sanders & Fabian, accepted)

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