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ISOSDC Support for ISO Observers

The ISO Spectrometer Data Center at MPE supports astronomers in preparing, executing and analysing spectroscopic
observations with ISO.

Expert knowledge, computing facilities and special software packages to process spectroscopic observations with
ISO are made available to visitors of the ISOSDC.

We give full support for SWS and LWS data reduction (all AOTs!).

Additionally limited support is offered for PHOT-S data reduction (PHOT AOT P40 only!) in combination with SWS
and LWS observations.

The following ISO software packages are available to visitors:

    SWS Interactive Analysis with MPE extensions
    LWS Interactive Analysis and LWS pipeline
    PHOT Interactive Analysis (PHOT-S only)
    ISO Spectral Analysis Package (ISAP)

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any queries you may have reducing your spectroscopic ISO data and
if you would like to visit the ISOSDC.

Visitor Information


Getting to MPE


Hotels in Garching

Preparation for your visit




Max-Planck-Institut für extraterrestrische Physik (MPE)
ISO Spectrometer Data Centre
Giessenbachstrasse 1
Postfach 1312
D - 85741 Garching, Germany

Phone:  ++49 / +89 / 30000 - 3623 (A. Verma)
Fax:      ++49 / +89 / 30000 - 3950
E-Mail: isodata @ mpe.mpg.de
WWW: //www.mpe.mpg.de/ir/ISO/isosdc.html

Getting to MPE

Public transport from Munich main station (Hauptbahnhof):

Take the S-BAHN from Munich Hauptbahnhof (any line S1-S7, global direction: Ostbahnhof) to Marienplatz
(Munich downtown). Change there to the U-BAHN (global direction: Münchner Freiheit). Take line U6, direction
Garching-Hochbrück, until the last exit. Then take bus No. 291, 691 or Verstärker to Forschungsgelände.
Exit at bus stop Boltzmann-Strasse.

Public transport from Munich airport (Flughafen):

Take S-BAHN line S8 from Munich airport in direction Munich downtown. Leave the S-BAHN at Ismaning and
change to bus No. 230 in direction Garching - Forschungsgelände (this bus runs every 40 minutes most of
the day). Exit at bus stop Boltzmann-Strasse.

Enter the Max-Planck-campus via the Max-Planck-Institut für Astrophysik. Ask for Aprajita Verma (MPE)
at the MPA reception desk.

More site and travel information is available at Access to MPE


Max-Planck Campus with MPE and MPA
Map of public transport in the Garching area
Map of the surroundings of Munich
Map from Garching to the airport

Preparations for your visit

Please contact isodata @ mpe.mpg.de if you have any queries or would like to visit the ISOSDC.

A careful reading of the relevant (SWS/LWS/PHOT) Handbooks is recommended before a
visit (available at ISO documentation).

It is not necessary for visitors to bring ISO Data Archive products with them as these may be retrieved once
they are here.  Data interactively reduced by the visitor should preferably be brought either on CD or DAT tape.


The ISOSDC support for ISO observers is free. ISOSDC users are asked to acknowledge support in resulting

"We acknowledge support from the ISO Spectrometer Data Centre at MPE Garching, funded by DARA under
grant 50 QI9402 3."

Visitors are kindly asked to send us pre/re-prints of their work, which benefits from ISOSDC support.

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Last update: 12-03-2002 by A. Verma