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The ISO Spectrometer Data Centre (ISOSDC) at MPE is the German centre for scientific analysis
of spectroscopic observations with the Infrared Space Observatory ISO.

MPE was a major contributor to the Short Wavelength Spectrometer (SWS, P.I. Thijs de Graauw, SRON) and
therefore, in collaboration with SRON, KUL and ESA Astrophysics Division, was heavily involved in ISO
pre-launch, in-operations, post-operations and Active Archive Phase activities. It hosts expertise in
hardware, software, reduction and scientific analysis of ISO data.

  • Scientific Analysis of ISO Observations:
  • Support for ISO Observers:
  • The ISOSDC at MPE Garching welcomes visitors requiring assistance for analysing spectroscopic
    observations with ISO. Expert knowledge, computing facilities and special software packages to
    process spectroscopic observations with ISO are made available to inquirers and visitors of the ISOSDC.
  • Support from the ISOSDC
  • Software
  • Observer's SWS Interactive Analysis (OSIA)
  • ISO Spectral Analysis Package (ISAP)
  • Other ISO data analysis software links
  • IR related Software links
  • ISO related information
  • Access to general ISO information and the Data Archive
  • ISO SWS Instrument Page
  • IR Line lists for Atoms and Molecules
  • Contact the ISO Spectrometer Data Centre at MPE:

    Max-Planck-Institut für extraterrestrische Physik
    ISO Spectrometer Data Centre
    Postfach 1312
    D - 85741 Garching

    Phone:  ++49 / +89 / 30000 3623 (A. Verma)
    Fax:      ++49 / +89 / 30000 3490
    E-Mail: isodata @ mpe.mpg.de

    ISOPHOT Data Centre:

    A similar data centre for photometric observations with ISO is the ISOPHOT Data Centre (IDC) established at MPIA Heidelberg.

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