New wavelength determinations of mid-infrared fine structure lines by ISO-SWS

H. Feuchtgruber, D. Lutz, D. A. Beintema, E. A. Valentijn, O. H. Bauer, D. R. Boxhoorn, Th. de Graauw, L. N. Haser, G. Haerendel, A. M. Heras, R. O. Katterloher, D. J. M. Kester, F. Lahuis, K. J. Leech, P. W. Morris, P. R. Roelfsema, A. Salama, S. G. Schaeidt, H. W. W. Spoon, B. Vandenbussche, E. Wieprecht


We report accurate new wavelengths for 29 mid-infrared ionic fine structure lines, based on observations with the Short Wavelength Spectrometer (SWS) on board the Infrared Space Observatory (ISO). Our results originate from observations of NGC 7027, NGC 6543, NGC 6302, the Circinus galaxy, Sgr A West and W51 IRS2. The obtained accuracies (lambda/Delta_lambda) range from 3.0E+4 to 1.0E+5, depending on instrumental mode and uncertainty in radial velocities.

Keywords: Atomic data -- Line: identification -- Infrared: ISM: lines and bands

Status: to appear in ApJ (accepted)

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