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Max-Planck-Institut fuer extraterrestrische Physik

Postfach 1312, 85741 Garching, Germany

Tel. 0049-89-30000-3584

Room X5 1.3.18


Presentations at conferences

Cosmic ray propagation/diffuse gamma rays project

Bayes Forum

CHANG-ES Project: Galactic halos with the JVLA

ScienceWatch feature

ESA Feature on INTEGRAL and cosmic-ray electrons

Fermi Gamma Ray Space Telescope

COMPTEL skymaps as FITS files

Supercomputing project (brochure page 55)

INTEGRAL Science Data Centre near Geneva

INTEGRAL Spectrometer SPI at MPE

MPE Garching
IPP Garching

Igor Moskalenko's page

personal favourites

Maximum Entropy Data Consultants

Where I studied


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