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The XMM-Newton Distant Cluster Project (XDCP)

Selected XDCP Gallery of Spectroscopically Confirmed Clusters

The XMM-Newton Distant Cluster Project is a serendipitous X-ray survey dedicated to find and study clusters of galaxies at z > 1 (look-back times > 7.5 Gyrs). The main science goals and drivers are:

  • Constraining Cosmological Models and the Nature of Dark Energy with a Statistically Complete Sample of Distant Galaxy Clusters
  • Characterizing the Evolution of Galaxy Clusters Close to the Epoch of Formation
  • Exploring the Evolution of the Galaxy Populations in Clusters at Large Look-Back Times
  • Studying the Thermodynamic Evolution of the Intracluster Medium and its Enrichment with Heavy Elements
As an early result of a pilot study, we discovered the most distant X-ray luminous galaxy cluster known at the time: XMMU J2235.3-2557 at redshift of z=1.396 is shown on the right as extended X-ray source in the XMM detection image (top) and in a multicolor optical/NIR image with blinking X-ray emission (bottom).

We are now engaged in the completion of a comprehensive survey for dozens of distant galaxy clusters using the XMM-Newton data archive for the detection and large optical/NIR telescopes (VLT, Calar Alto, CTIO, NTT) for follow-up imaging and spectroscopic observations. The high-z cluster gallery at the top of the page features a selection of 18 spectroscopically confirmed clusters in the XDCP sample at z>0.9.



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