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My research centers on the formation and evolution of galaxies. The main focus is on the kinematics, structure, stellar populations, interstellar medium, star formation and AGN activity, and feedback processes of galaxies at redshift z ~ 1 – 3. These studies involve detailed spatially- and spectrally-resolved data of individual galaxies, as well as global population properties of larger statistical samples, based on observations in the infrared, optical, and millimeter regimes obtained notably with state-of-the-art instruments at ground- and space-based facilities. These include in particular the single integral field unit (IFU) spectrometer SINFONI and adaptive optics (AO) as well as the multi-IFU KMOS at the ESO VLT; the WFC3 and ACS cameras onboard HST; the twin LUCI1/2 imaging/multi-slit spectroscopic instruments together with the ARGOS ground-layer AO system at the LBT; the PACS instrument onboard the Herschel satellite, and the IRAM NOEMA interferometer. These research projects are carried out within the IR/Submm Group of the MPE together with a core team of ~ 15 scientists and students, and in collaborations with several external research groups and consortia. This research has been supported by the Minerva program of the Max-Planck-Society (2008-2012), and by the Priority Program SPP1177 of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (2005-2008).
Among other related activities, I have contributed to data reduction, analysis, and modeling software, and to science cases and requirements for the development of instrumentation including VLT/KMOS, LBT/ARGOS, the upcoming combined near-IR IFU and imager ERIS at the VLT, and the first-light imager and spectrograph MICADO for the 40-m class European ELT.
These and several other instruments were/are developed under the leadership or with contributions by the MPE IR/Submm Group (see here for an overview).

Information on my current and past research activities can be found via the following links.


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