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This data release provides the final reduced cubes observed in the KMOS3D survey of galaxies at redshift 0.7 < z < 2.7. The released data include 739 unique cubes in the band encompassing Hα+[NII]+[SII] line emission of 739 galaxies. The information on the structure and the four extensions of each cube along with the description of KMOS3D-specific header keywords are presented in the document and in Wisnioski et al. 2019.


We also release a with relevant physical parameters for each galaxy. The presented parameters in the released table are explained in Section II.3 of the release guide document. Aperture fluxes for all galaxies with detected Hα line emission and upper limits for nondetections are published in the . The catalog data are stored in FITS format, and the file is a gzipped  tarball (to unpack, run e.g. "tar xvfz 3d_fnlsp_table_v3.fits.tgz").





You can download all the observed galaxies, or only the targets in the COSMOS, GOODS-S, and UDS fields – released as of July 12, 2019. Credit: When using KMOS3D data products release and derived parameters released here, please cite Wisnioski et al. 2019.



All KMOS3D CUBES                       
                        COSMOS FIELD CUBES  
            GOODS-S FIELD CUBES  
            UDS FIELD CUBES  


Bootstrapped Data

Bootstrapped combinations of the full set of reduced exposures are available to provide an alternative estimate of the noise. Due to the large size of each bootstrap cube, we recommend the users to only download these cubes individually for galaxies of interest. The set of bootstrap cubes can be individually downloaded with the following wget command:


[field] is the extragalactic deep field identifier. The field identifier is either COS4, GS4, or U4 corresponding to the COSMOS, GOODS-S, and UDS fields. The [id] is the unique numerical identifier of the galaxy originating from the 3D-HST V4.1.5 catalog (Skelton et al. 2014; Momcheva et al. 2016). Finally, the [band] corresponds  to the observed KMOS YJ-, H-, or K-band. Each file contains the 100 bootstrapped combinations stored in FITS extensions. For example, to download the set of bootstrap cubes for the galaxy in GOODS-S field and with the target ID of 02503 in 3D-HST catalog, which is observed in H-band, you can use the following command:


The file size is typically 260MB, ranging from 200 to 415 MB, depending on the effective field of view covered by the data.


In addition to the KMOS3D data, the catalog of galaxy environment in the 3D-HST fields presented by Fossati et al. 2017 is available on Zenodo and through Vizier.

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