Release of the reduced SINFONI data of the 35 targets from the SINS/zc-SINF AO survey.

The sample, observations, data reduction, and data products are described in the article by
Förster Schreiber et al. 2018, ApJS, 238, 21.
The publication is available here.
Please cite the above reference when using the SINS/zc-SINF AO survey in publications, presentations, etc.

The reduced data products for the seeing-limited observations of the SINS/zC-SINF targets are available upon request by contacting: Natascha M. Forster Schreiber (forster "at" Please cite the following publications when using the seeing-limited data in publications and presentations:
Förster Schreiber et al. 2009, ApJ, 706, 1364 and
Mancini et al. 2011, ApJ, 743, 86.

For further inquiries, please contact: Natascha M. Forster Schreiber (forster "at"

The AO data products include for each galaxy:

  • the reduced science cube,
  • the associated noise cube,
  • the associated PSF image.
In addition, the high S/N averaged PSF is also provided (obtained by co-averaging the PSF images associated with the 35 galaxies).
These data products are combined in a single tarball, along with the file "00README_SINS-ZCSINF_AO_release" that describes the format and file naming convention (also available separately).

Click on the links to download:

For more information about the SINS/zC-SINF AO survey and other galaxy evolution programs led by the MPE IR/Submm group, and list of related publications, see the dedicated SINS/PHIBSS/KMOS3D web page.

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