Advanced Telescope for High Energy Astrophysics
The Wide Field ImaGER for the Athena X-ray Observatory


The WFI is developed by an international consortium composed of ESA member states. It is led by the Max Planck Institute for extraterrestrial Physics (DEU) with partners in Germany (ECAP, IAA Tübingen), Austria (University Vienna), Czech Republic (ASU), Denmark (DTU), France (CEA Saclay, Strasbourg), Italy (INAF, Bologna, Palermo), Poland (SRC PAS, NCAC PAS), the United Kingdom (University Leicester, Open University), the United States (Penn State, Standford, MIT, SAO), Switzerland (University Geneva), Portugal (IA), and Greece (Athens Observatory, University of Crete).

The Principal Investigator and Project Manager of the WFI is K. Nandra (MPE), the Project Scientist is A. Rau (MPE) and the Lead System Engineer is D. Coutinho (MPE).

The WFI Consortium Board is chaired by K. Nandra (DEU) and includes J. Afonso (POR), D. Burrows (US), A. Comastri (ITA), A. Decourchelle (FRA), M. Dovcziak (CZE), I. Georgantopoulos (GRE), F. Kerschbaum (AUT), S. Paltani (SUI), I. Kuvvetli (DNK), M. Watson (GBR), and P. Zycki (POL)

The WFI Science Team is chaired by A. Rau (DEU) and includes J. Afonso (POR), J. Aird (GBR), A. Comastri (ITA), M. Dovziak (CZE), D. Eckert (SUI), A. Fabian (GBR), A. Georgagakis (GRE), M. Güdel (AUT), A. Hornschemeier (US), A. Merloni (DEU), D. della Monica Ferreira (DK), G. Pratt (FRA), T. Reiprich (DEU), A. Rozanska (POL), J. Sanders (DEU), M. Sasaki (DEU), and J. Wilms (DEU).

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