Advanced Telescope for High Energy Astrophysics
The Wide Field Imager for the Athena X-ray Observatory


Response Matrices

[2024-Feb-09] Updated files were provided by M. Lorenz (ECAP), based on the NewAthena mirror geometry of 24/05/2023

Response files mirror model with 13 rows, 492 modules, 2.27mm rib pitch, Ir+C+Cr coating, and 0/+2 wedging.
Description of the response matrix generation.

For each setup, ARF and RSP files are provided for an option with external light blocking filter and without. The RMF is included as well.

Background Files

[2024-Feb-23] The following files were provided by Arne Rau (MPE). A non-X-ray background of 8x10-3 cm-2s-1keV-1 is assumed.

Background PHA files (sum of unresolved cosmic X-ray component and particle induced component) for point sources on axis as well as for extended sources.
WFI-MPE-ANA-10-013_i9.2_Preparation-of-Background-Files.pdf Description of the background file generation.

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