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My research centers on the properties and evolution of galaxies. Following initial work on nearby starburst galaxies, my focus shifted to galaxies at redshift z~1–3 and, more recently, my interests have extended to the z~4–7 cosmic epochs. These studies involve detailed spatially-/spectrally-resolved data of individual galaxies as well as global population properties of large statistical samples obtained with infrared, optical, and millimeter instruments. I led the SINS/zC-SINF and KMOS3D near-IR IFU surveys at z~1–3 with SINFONI and KMOS, respectively, at the ESO VLT. At millimeter wavelengths, I was actively involved in the PHIBSS 1 & 2 programs at IRAM and am a core team member of the on-going NOEMA3D survey as part of the MPG-IRAM Observatory Program. Other major programs studying distant galaxies at higher resolution include a ~90-night GTO IFU survey of z~1–3 galaxies with the new ERIS instrument at the VLT, and CRISTAL, an ALMA Cycle 8 Large Program on z~4–6 galaxies.

I also contribute to science cases, reduction & analysis software, and serve on science working groups for instrumentation projects, including VLT/KMOS and ERIS, LBT/ARGOS, the first-light imager and spectrograph MICADO at the the 40-m class European ELT. These instruments and several others used in my research were developed under the leadership of, or with important contributions by, the MPE IR/Submm Group (see here for an overview).

My scientific research was supported by the Minerva fellow program of the Max-Planck-Society (2008-2012), by the Priority Program SPP1177 of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (2005-2008), and was recognized by a Honorary Doctor of Science of the University of Bath (2019; News Item). In 2022, I was awarded a 5-year European Research Council Advanced Grant for the project GALPHYS exploiting ERIS observations of distant galaxies.

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