Jochen Greiner

You can reach me: Tel: +49-89-30000-3847
                  FAX: +49-89-30000-3606 
                 mail: Max-Planck-Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics (MPE)
                       85741 Garching, Germany
            in person: Room 1.3.13
Maps of the (far/near) surrounding help to reach MPE from Munich/Garching
with the U6 or from Ismaning (S-Bahn) with bus 230.

My research interests include

Gamma-ray bursts: optical and X-ray counterparts, broad-band spectra
Supersoft X-ray sources
X-ray transients of all kinds (with GRS 1915+105 as favourite object)
Cataclysmic variables

Links to some science / publication

Details on gamma-ray burst afterglows
Some info on Luminous supersoft X-ray sources (incl. SSS Workshop Proc. 1996, LNP 472)
7-channel imager GROND

Free Proceedings Volumes: Flares and Flashes (LNP 454), Supersoft X-ray Sources (LNP 472)
Proceedings of Microquasar Workshop, Granada, Sep. 2000; Ap Sp Sci (Suppl) 276 (2001)
Some info on Soft Gamma-Ray Repeaters and selected X-ray transients (GRS 1915+105)
List of electronic journals and other library services as well as telescope schedules
Vortrag 29.10.2015 in Reihe 'Physik Modern'

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