function multigauss2dfit

Fit a number of circular gaussians to an image. All gaussians have the save FWHM.

result = multigauss2dfit(image, errors, estimate [, chisq])

image:   The image to be fit
errors:   The errors in the image values
estimate:   Initial estimate for the fit of the form [Offset,fwhm,height_1,x_1,y_1,height_2,x_2,y_2,...,height_n,x_n,y_n]
chisq:   If set to a named variable, the variable is overwritten with the chi-squared of the fit.

The returned vector contains the best-fit parameters in the form [Offset,fwhm,height_1,x_1,y_1,...,height_n,x_n,y_n,d_Offset,d_fwhm,d_height_1,d_x_1,d_y_1,...,d_height_n,d_x_n,d_y_n]

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