DPUSER is an interactive language that is capable of handling numbers (both real and complex), strings, and matrices. Its main aim is to do astronomical image analysis, for which it provides a comprehensive set of functions, but it can also be used for many other applications.

QFitsView is a FITS file viewer. In addition to displaying two-dimensional images, it also provides means to explore three-dimensional data cubes.

List of available documentation

The DPUSER Language Command Reference QFitsView
Command Syntax Alphabetical function list GUI elements
Operators Alphabetical procedure list
Data types and variables Alphabetical list of pgplot routines
Plotting Category index
Handling of FITS files
Conditional statements and loops

Obtaining DPUSER

DPUSER has been ported to several platforms. For instructions how to get and install DPUSER, go to the installing page.


DPUSER is a text-console program and therefore can be run on any terminal. On startup, you are greeted by a short message and the DPUSER> prompt appears. Now you are ready to type commands. As in a UNIX-shell, you can use the up- and down keys to browse previously typed commands. Filename expansion using the tab-key is also supported.

The Author

DPUSER was written by Thomas Ott as a software package for reducing astronomical speckle data. If you have comments or suggestions regarding DPUSER, please feel free to contact me.


The following packages and code snippets were used in developing DPUSER - The Next Generation:


Provided as is...