Category index

The functions and procedures supplied by DPUSER can be sorted by the following categories:

Mathematical functions User interaction Environment settings Date and time
String manipulation File access Matrix creation FITS file handling
Data reduction      

Mathematical functions

Trigonometric functions

sin cos tan asin acos atan
sinh cosh tanh asinh acosh atanh
pi deg2rad rad2deg      

Statistical functions

total min max avg median  
      stddev meddev variance

Complex number arithmetics

DPUSER is able to handle complex numbers within most functions. Some functions are provided which only make sense when used with complex numbers. When used with real numbers, no error is generated, but a value of zero is returned.

complex polar conj      
abs arg imag real    

Matrix arithmetics

invert transpose        

Function fitting

polyfit polyfitxy polyfitxyerr interpol    
gaussfit gauss2dfit multigauss2dfit gauss2dsimplefit    
sersicfit sersic2dfit sersic2dsimplefit      

Other mathematical functions

float int round frac abs sign
exp ln log sqrt gammp ten
bessel erf random randomg poly cirrange

User interaction

free mem print printf read userDialog
exec run break sleep compile  

Environment settings

setenv getenv isvariable echo debug  

Date and time

jd jdfraction jdnumber now dayofweek calday

String manipulation

char string stringarray lower upper replace
sprintf sort strlen nelements strpos right
strtrim simplifywhitespace strsplit      
import export        

File access

cd dir pwd fileexists filesize findfile
import export writebmp      

Matrix creation

Empty matrices

All these functions create empty matrices, i.e. all values are initialized with zero.

bytearray shortarray longarray floatarray doublearray complexarray

Matrix filter creation

gauss sersic2d circle ellipse delta rect
cosbell airy chinhat quickgauss    

FITS file handling

Reading and writing

readfits writefits header import export swapbytes


naxis naxis1 naxis2 naxis3 nelements  
getfitskey setfitskey setwcs      

FITS cubes

cubeavg cubemaximum cubemedian cubeminimum cubemerge  

Data reduction

Image manipulation

boxcar cblank center clip collapse enlarge
flip magnify norm rebin resize rotate
setbitpix shift shrink smooth mosaic reform

Fourier transform

fft correl reass convolve    

Statistics, lists

xmax ymax maxima xcen ycen centroids
centroid fwhm markpos saomark limits  

Interaction with IRAF imtool

sao imexa saomarklabel saomarkpoint saoclear  
markpos saomark        


find photometry transcoords transmatrix transform transpoly


ssa ssaselect ssastat sssa    
swsa wsa wsastat      
dpixapply dpixcreate        


lucy wien clean maxentropy psf  

Specialized 3D operations

This set of functions was copied from the 3D data reduction software (which uses Gipsy). They work only on original 3D (an imaging spectrograph build by MPE) data, which is of size 256x256, 256x600, or 16x16x600. These functions are extremely poorly documented within DPUSER. Use of those is depreciated.

3dcal 3dcubin 3dexpand 3dmegacal    
3dmerge 3dnorm 3dspec spec3d