Data types and variables

DPUSER knows about 6 different data types: Those types are cast dynamically. So if you do a print acos(2), the result will not be integer (which would not make sense), but a complex number. Complex numbers can be constructed by appending an i (without spaces) to a number:
variable = 1 + 2i
Strings are defined by embracing in double quotes:
variable = "This is a string".
Variable names can include any letter in the range [a-zA-Z] and numbers [0-9] but must not begin with a number. Variables are created on the fly by assigning a value to them. If you supply a value to an already existing variable, it is overwritten:
n = 1                     // n is an integer number
n++                       // n is still integer with value 2
n = sqrt(n)               // n now is a real number
n = -(n^2)                // n is still a real number with value -2.0
n = n^(1/2)               // n now is a complex number
n = "a string"            // n is a string with value "a string"
n = fits(100, 100)        // n is now a matrix with 100x100 elements