function readfitsextension

Read specified FITS file extension into memory. The optional arguments x1, x2, y1, y2, z1, z2 can be used to read in a part of a FITS file. The combination 0, 0 specifies that the complete range of the respective axis should be read in.

result = readfitsextension(FILENAME, extension [, x1, x2 [, y1, y2 [, z1, z2]]])

FILENAME:   A string.
extension:   Integer number specifying which extension to read.
x1, x2:   Range in first dimension, defaults to 0, 0
y1, y2:   Range in second dimension, defaults to 0, 0
z1, z2:   Range in third dimension, defaults to 0, 0

See also
function readfits
function readfitsall