PGPLOT Module: PGSCI -- set color index


Set the Color Index for subsequent plotting, if the output device
permits this. The default color index is 1, usually white on a black
background for video displays or black on a white background for
printer plots. The color index is an integer in the range 0 to a
device-dependent maximum. Color index 0 corresponds to the background
color; lines may be "erased" by overwriting them with color index 0
(if the device permits this).

If the requested color index is not available on the selected device,
color index 1 will be substituted.

The assignment of colors to color indices can be changed with
subroutine PGSCR (set color representation). Color indices 0-15
have predefined color representations (see the PGPLOT manual), but
these may be changed with PGSCR. Color indices above 15 have no
predefined representations: if these indices are used, PGSCR must
be called to define the representation.

CI (input) : the color index to be used for subsequent plotting
on the current device (in range 0-max). If the
index exceeds the device-dependent maximum, the
default color index (1) is used.