procedure compile

Converts a dpuser-script into C-code, compiles it and links it at runtime into the running dpuser-session. Unlike with user defined functions or procedures, it is not allowed to compile a function with the same name as aalready compiled procedure and vice versa.

compile "filename"

filename:   The filename of the dpuser-script to convert

/c:   Adds needed headers and forward declarations to existing C-code and links it on runtime. The general data type to use must be 'dpuserType'. Functions and procedures must begin like shown in the examples below.
/reset:   Unloads all compiled functions and procedures. See example below.

To compile c-code, functions must be defined as follows:
   extern "C" dpuserType funcName(dpuserType &a, ...) { ... }
    return funcName;
Procedures must be defined as follows:
   extern "C" void procName(dpuserType &a, ...) {
To unload all functions and procedures:
   compile "", /reset