The Molecular Jet Experiment

This experiment will use a pulsed valve configured with a number of accessories at its front, to perform spectroscopy on unstable species within a supersonic free-jet expansion.

The expansion is provided by a pulsed valve (Series 9, Parker Hannifin) containing a 1mm-diameter aperture. For preparing unstable species, we will attach an accessory housing a high-voltage DC electrode, through which the molecules will first pass prior to free expansion, and then quickly be stabilized in the region dubbed the “zone of silence”.

Currently, we are designing the optical system to allow the optimal coupling between the “cold” region of the molecular jet and the probing radiation beam. In this instrument, we will implement a double-pass coaxial arrangement to enhance the sensitivity and to minimize the inhomogeneous line broadening.

The chamber rests above a large diffusion pump (DIP 8000, Oerlikon Leybold).

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