PACS - A Photodetector Array Camera & Spectrometer for Herschel
PACS is one of three science instruments for ESA's Herschel Space Observatory (HSO). It operates either as an imaging photometer or an integral field spectrometer over the spectral band from 57 to 210 µm.
The HSO was launched on May 14, 2009
PACS has been designed and built by a consortium of institutes and university departments from across Europe under the leadership of Principal Investigator Albrecht Poglitsch located at Max-Planck-Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics, Garching, Germany. Consortium members are: Austria: UVIE; Belgium: IMEC, KUL, CSL; France: CEA, OAMP; Germany: MPE, MPIA; Italy: IFSI, OAP/OAT, OAA/CAISMI, LENS, SISSA; Spain: IAC.
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