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    Journal Article
    Hughes, T. M.; Ibar, E.; Villanueva, V.; Aravena, M.; Baes, M.; Bourne, N.; Cooray, A.; Davies, L. J. M.; Driver, S.; Dunne, L. et al.; Dye, S.; Eales, S.; Furlanetto, C.; Herrera-Camus, R.; Ivison, R. J.; van Kampen, E.; Lara-López, M. A.; Maddox, S.; Michałowski, M. J.; Oteo, I.; Smith, D.; Smith, M. W. L.; Valiante, E.; van der Werf, P.; Viaene, S.; Xue, Y. Q.: VALES – III. The calibration between the dust continuum and interstellar gas content of star-forming galaxies. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society: Letters 468 (1) (2017)
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    Journal Article
    Tadaki, K.-i.; Kodama, T.; Nelson, E. J.; Belli, S.; Förster Schreiber, N. M.; Genzel, R.; Hayashi, M.; Herrera-Camus, R.; Koyama, Y.; Lang, P. et al.; Lutz, D.; Shimakawa, R.; Tacconi, L. J.; Übler, H.; Wisnioski, E.; Wuyts, S.; Hatsukade, B.; Lippa, M.; Nakanishi, K.; Ikarashi, S.; Kohno, K.; Suzuki, T. L.; Tamura, Y.; Tanaka, I.: Rotating starburst cores in massive galaxies at z = 2.5. The Astrophysical Journal Letters 841 (2) (2017)
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    Journal Article
    Dale, D. A.; Cook, D. O.; Roussel, H.; Turner, J. A.; Armus, L.; Bolatto, A. D.; Boquien, M.; Brown, M. J. I.; Calzetti, D.; Looze, I. D. et al.; Galametz, M.; Gordon, K. D.; Groves, B. A.; Jarrett, T. H.; Helou, G.; Herrera-Camus, R.; Hinz, J. L.; Hunt, L. K.; Kennicutt, R. C.; Murphy, E. J.; Rest, A.; Sandstrom, K. M.; Smith, J.-D. T.; Tabatabaei, F. S.; Wilson, C. D.: Updated 34-band photometry for the SINGS/KINGFISH samples of nearby galaxies. The Astrophysical Journal 837 (1) (2017)
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    Journal Article
    Herrera-Camus, R.; Bolatto, A.; Wolfire, M.; Ostriker, E.; Draine, B.; Leroy, A.; Sandstrom, K.; Hunt, L.; Kennicutt, R.; Calzetti, D. et al.; Smith, J. D.; Croxall, K.; Galametz, M.; de Looze, I.; Dale, D.; Crocker, A.; Groves, B.: Thermal pressure in the cold neutral medium of nearby galaxies. The Astrophysical Journal 835 (2) (2017)
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    Journal Article
    Tadaki, K.-i.; Genzel, R.; Kodama, T.; Wuyts, S.; Wisnioski, E.; Förster Schreiber, N. M.; Burkert, A.; Lang, P.; Tacconi, L. J.; Lutz, D. et al.; Belli, S.; Davies, R. I.; Hatsukade, B.; Hayashi, M.; Herrera-Camus, R.; Ikarashi, S.; Inoue, S.; Kohno, K.; Koyama, Y.; Mendel, J. T.; Nakanishi, K.; Shimakawa, R.; Suzuki, T. L.; Tamura, Y.; Tanaka, I.; Übler, H.; Wilman, D. J.: Bulge-forming galaxies with an extended rotating disk at z ~ 2. The Astrophysical Journal 834 (2) (2017)
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    Journal Article
    Smith, J. D. T.; Croxall, K.; Draine, B.; Looze, I. D.; Sandstrom, K.; Armus, L.; Beirão, P.; Bolatto, A.; Boquien, M.; Brandl, B. et al.; Crocker, A.; Dale, D. A.; Galametz, M.; Groves, B.; Helou, G.; Herrera-Camus, R.; Hunt, L.; Kennicutt, R.; Walter, F.; Wolfire, M.: The spatially resolved [C ii] cooling line deficit in galaxies. The Astrophysical Journal 834 (1) (2017)
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    Journal Article
    Herrera-Camus, R.; Bolatto, A.; Smith, J. D.; Draine, B.; Pellegrini, E.; Wolfire, M.; Croxall, K.; de Looze, I.; Calzetti, D.; Kennicutt, R. et al.; Crocker, A.; Armus, L.; van der Werf, P.; Sandstrom, K.; Galametz, M.; Brandl, B.; Groves, B.; Rigopoulou, D.; Walter, F.; Leroy, A.; Boquien, M.; Tabatabaei, F. S.; Beirao, P.: The ionized gas in nearby galaxies as traced by the [N ii] 122 and 205 μm transitions. The Astrophysical Journal 826 (2) (2016)
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    Journal Article
    Lutz, D.; Berta, S.; Contursi, A.; Förster Schreiber, N. M.; Genzel, R.; Graciá-Carpio, J.; Herrera-Camus, R.; Netzer, H.; Sturm, E.; Tacconi, L. J. et al.; Tadaki, K.; Veilleux, S.: The far-infrared emitting region in local galaxies and QSOs: Size and scaling relations. Astronomy & Astrophysics 591, A136, pp. 1 - 23 (2016)

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    Conference Paper
    Stacey, G. J.; Aravena, M.; Basu, K.; Battaglia, N.; Beringue, B.; Bertoldi, F.; Bond, J. R.; Breysse, P.; Bustos, R.; Chapman, S. et al.; Chung, D. T.; Cothard, N.; Erler, J.; Fich, M.; Foreman, S.; Gallardo, P.; Giovanelli, R.; Graf, U. U.; Haynes, M. P.; Herrera-Camus, R.; Herter, T. L.; Hložek, R.; Johnstone, D.; Keating, L.; Magnelli, B.; Meerburg, D.; Meyers, J.; Murray, N.; Niemack, M.; Nikola, T.; Nolta, M.; Parshley, S. C.; Riechers, D. A.; Schilke, P.; Scott, D.; Stein, G.; Stevens, J.; Stutzki, J.; Vavagiakis, E. M.; Viero, M. P.: CCAT-Prime: science with an ultra-widefield submillimeter observatory on Cerro Chajnantor. In: Ground-based and Airborne Telescopes VII, pp. 1 - 20 (Eds. Marshall, H. K.; Spyromilio, J.; Gilmozzi, R.). Ground-based and Airborne Telescopes VII, Austin, Texas, United States, June 10, 2018 - June 15, 2018. (2018)
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    Conference Paper
    Jameson, K. E.; Bolatto, A. D.; Wolfire, M.; Rubio, M.; Herrera Camus, R.; HS Collaboration: Resolving the transition from molecular to atomic at 1/5 solar metallicity in the small magellanic cloud. In: From Interstellar Clouds to Star-Forming Galaxies: Universal Processes? (IAU Symposium 315), pp. 13 - 16 (Eds. Jablonka, P.; André, P.; VanderTak, F.). 315th Symposium of the International Astronomical Union, Honolulu, USA, August 03, 2015 - August 07, 2015. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK (2016)
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