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Conference Paper (40)

Conference Paper
Steinle, H.: MeV quasar observations with the COMPTON Gamma Ray Observatory. In: The need for a dedicated optical quasar monitoring telescope, pp. 75 - 87 (Ed. Borgeest, U.). 1st Megaphot workshop, Hamburg, March 30, 1993 - March 31, 1993. Pro Public, Gronau (1993)
Conference Paper
Winkler, C.; Bennett, K.; Hanlon, L.; Williams, O. R.; Collmar, W.; Diehl, R.; Schönfelder, V.; Steinle, H.; Varendorff, M.; den Herder, J. W. et al.; Hermsen, W.; Kuiper, L.; Swanenburg, B. N.; de Vries, C.; Connors, A.; Forrest, D.; Kippen, M.; McConnell, M.; Ryan, J.: Gamma-ray burst studies by COMPTEL during its first year of operation. In: Proceedings of the Compton Gamma-Ray Observatory, pp. 845 - 849 (Ed. Friedlander, M.). Compton Gamma-Ray Observatory, St. Louis, Mo, USA, October 15, 1992 - October 17, 1992. American Institute of Physics, New York, NY (1993)

Thesis - PhD (1)

Thesis - PhD
Steinle, H.: Das spektrale und zeitliche Verhalten des variablen Roentgendoppelsterns Cyg x-1 im harten Röntgenbereich. Dissertation, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, München, Germany (1981)

Report (1)

Steinle, H.; for the COMPTEL collaboration: CGRO COMPTEL Bibliography. (2002)
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