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Enhanced Resolution Imager and Spectrograph

Short Description:

ERIS is an instrument for diffraction limited imaging, coronography and spectroscopy on the Cassegrain focus of VLT UT4 in the 1 to 5µm spectral range to be commissioned in late 2017. It will combine the existing integral field spectrograph SPIFFI with a new near infrared camera and a wavefront sensor module for the ESO adaptive optics facility.

Project Type:

Instrumentation for ground-based telescope

MPE Contribution:

MPE has been involved in the ERIS phase A study which ended in May 2012.

The upgrade of SPIFFI and the ERIS camera was then given to MPE.

The ERIS project leadership is with ESO and MPE acts as main partner on these two subsystems with contributions by ETH Zürich.


- Preliminary Design Review (PDR) goal – 2.Q 2014

- Final Design Review (FDR) goal – 1.Q 2015

- First light at the telescope – 2017

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