MPE Press Releases (2005 - ....)

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Black hole expelled from its parent galaxy

April 30, 2008
Max Planck Astronomers discover a gravitationally propelled mass monster [more]
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A Mighty Duo

October 29, 2007
The discovery of the stellar black hole with the greatest mass to date and its companion star baffles astrophysicists [more]

An integrated carbon observation system for Europe

November 07, 2006
Pan-European infrastructure for climate research has been included in the first European roadmap for new large-scale research infrastructures. [more]

A film of the heavens

October 11, 2006
Project to create a revolutionary map and first movie of the sky [more]
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Old Pulsars - New Tricks

July 25, 2006
Max Planck scientists gain insights into how neutron stars produce X-radiation [more]
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A Neutron Star Tumbling through Space

April 20, 2006
Not all pulsars rotate with the stability that astrophysicts had previously assumed [more]
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A image of radioactivity from the inner part of our galaxy

January 04, 2006
Max Planck astronomers, using INTEGRAL, identify regions of new atomic-nuclei production [more]