Institute Brochure

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Institute Brochure

In 2010, a brochure was produced containing information about the scientific work and goals of the institute. The research areas of the individual groups are presented as well as some of the scientific results.

A short overview of the organisation and the work of the different groups can be found in our flyer.

(The flyer is currently being updated and will be available soon.)

There are also some more detailed information on some specific projects.

Commemorative book on the occasion of MPE's 50th anniversaryPDF, 11MB

MPE 1963-2013 
Reflections on 50 years of extraterrestrial research

Commemorative book on the occasion of MPE's 50th anniversary
PDF, 11MB [more]

In 2003, the MPE celebrated its 40th anniversary an simultaneously the 80th birthday of the founding director Reimar Lüst. The brochure compiled for this occasion can be found here:

40 Jahre MPE (37.4 MB, in German)

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