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News archive of the GRB Conference 2012

3. June 2011: First Announcement

The Swift and Fermi teams would like to invite the astrophysics community to a major conference on Gamma-Ray Bursts in Munich, Germany, on 7-11 May 2012.

Please, mark your calendars, bookmark the conference website and get on the conference mailing list by dropping an email to More information coming up soon.

Jochen Greiner - Neil Gehrels - Bill Paciesas

30. December 2011: Second Announcement

This is the second circular for the joined Fermi/Swift Conference. It will bring together astrophysicists, neutrino physicists and gravitational wave scientists to discuss the latest data and theories, to build synergistic collaborations between the fields and across wavelengths, and beyond better understanding the GRB phenomenon to develop GRBs as a powerful probe of a variety of fundamental questions in present-day research. Topics include:

- Recent results from Swift and Fermi
- Prompt and high-energy emission
- Afterglow emission
- Central Engine Physics
- Progenitors and Supernovae
- Host Galaxies
- GRBs as Probes of the Early Universe
- History and Future Instrumentation
- Gravitational Waves, Neutrinos, Cosmic Rays and UHE Emission

The invited speakers are:

M. Ahlers (Stony Brook University), D. Bersier (Liverpool University), V. Bromm (University of Texas), A. Corsi (CalTech), S. Guiriec (NASA/MSFC), J. Hjorth (DARK), T. Kruuml;hler (DARK), D. Lazzati (North Carolina State University), E. Levesque (University of Colorado), A. MacFadyen (New York University), S. McBreen (UC Dublin), S. Nagataki (Kyoto University), E. Nakar (Tel Aviv University), F. Piron (LUPM Montpellier), J. Racusin (NASA/GSFC), S. Rosswog (Jacobs University Bremen), P. Schady (MPE Garching), N. Tanvir (University Leicester)


The registration web page will open on January 1st 2012 and the deadline for Registration and abstract submission is February 29th 2012. The conference fee will be *300 Euro* until the registration deadline and *350 Euro* afterwards and during the conference. A reduced fee option of *200 Euro* is available for students. In exceptional cases, travel support can be granted. The application deadline for travel support is February 15th, 2012. More information can be found on the web page:


We herewith invite you to submit abstracts for both, talks as well as posters. Abstract submission requires prior registration, and shall be done at the "My Abstracts" link which appears when logging in with your UID/pwd (chosen by you during the registration process. Please specify the most suitable session for your abstract. We require that at least one co-author per contribution attends the conference.


Due to a major fair in Munich in the same week, hotels are filling very quickly and are extraordinary expensive. The conference organizers thus encourage you to book your accommodation as soon as possible. A list of suggested hotels can be found on the conference web-page:

For questions and information please contact

We are looking forward to welcome you in Munich,

Jochen Greiner & Arne Rau
for the Organizing Committee

5. April 2012: Preliminary program

A first version of the program is available for download: Program_v0.pdf

16. April 2012: Final program

The final program is released.

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