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Proceedings of the GRB Conference 2012


The proceedings of GRB 2012 have been published online in the Open Access Proceedings of Science (PoS) under Conference-ID 152.


The proceedings of GRB 2012 will be published online in the Open Access Proceedings of Science (PoS). All papers will be peer-reviewed and fully citable. They will be free to download upon publication.


The strict deadline for submission of the contributions is May 31, 2012. Later submissions will definitely NOT be considered! We aim at publication of all contributions by end of June 2012, so we also ask you to process the suggestions of the referee(s) in a timely manner.

How much to write?

The following page limits have been set by the SOC:

  • 8 pages for invited talks
  • 6 pages for contributed talks
  • 4 pages for posters

How to write?

Please, consider the following details concerning the preparation of your manuscript(s):

  • It is mandatory to use the style files of PoS, as prepared for this conference. The package contains templates for both, LATEX (skeleton.tex) and Windows-doc (PoStemplategrb.doc), and a PDF-manual with detailed style descriptions for both templates.
  • For the invited and contributed talks, we encourage the authors to add at the end of the written contribution the questions received after the talk and your corresponding answers.
  • Once you have completed writing your contribution, you will have to produce a PDF file. This PDF file should be submitted as described in the next section. Neither LATEX- nor doc-file or figures need to be uploaded.
  • Special note: the paper format must be A4 and not Letter. Make sure that your pdf creator is given the proper parameter. Otherwise, the green PoS logo on the title page is partly cut off.

How to submit?

Once you have prepared your manuscript(s), upload the PDF file(s) here. Do NOT submit to PoS directly. The above page will also show you the status of the peer review and enable you to communicate with your referee.
For the refereeing process, the communications will go through these conference Web-pages. Once accepted by the referee, the editors will upload the contribution to PoS.


The proceedings editors for GRB 2012 are A. Rau and J. Greiner. Contact them for any scientific or editorial question at .

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