Credit: ESO/H.H.Heyer Zoom Image
Credit: ESO/H.H.Heyer

GRAVITY is the second-generation VLTI instrument for precision narrow-angle astrometry and interferometric imaging. It will bring the most advanced vision to the VLT: with its fiber-fed integrated optics, wavefront sensors, fringe tracker, beam stabilization, and a novel metrology concept, GRAVITY will push the sensitivity and accuracy far beyond what is offered today. Providing precision astrometry of order ten microarcseconds, and imaging with four milliarcsecond resolution, GRAVITY will revolutionize dynamical measurements of celestial objects: it will probe physics close to the event horizon of the Galactic Center black hole, unambiguously detect and measure the mass of black holes in massive star clusters throughout the Milky Way, uncover the details of mass –accretion and jets in young stellar objects and active galactic nuclei, and probe the motion of binary stars, exoplanets and young stellar disks.


GRAVITY is being built by the following institutes: