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Conference Program and Proceedings

overview talks: 35 mins incl discussion
topical talks: 20 mins incl. discussion

Tuesday, Oct. 7, 2008

14:00 Registration
15:30 Welcome adresses
         Leopoldina President - Prof. Dr. Volker ter Meulen
         LMU Vice President - Dr. Sigmund Stintzing 
         LMU Dean of Physics - Prof. Dr. Axel Schenzle
16:00 Key Note Talks 16:00 Brian Schmidt: Observational Evidence for Dark Energy 17:00 Christof Wetterich: Dark Energy, a cosmic mystery 18:00 Welcome Reception/Registration Wednesday, Oct. 8, 2008 Morning Session: Dynamical Dark Energy 9:00 Ruth Durrer: Dynamical Dark Energy: theory and data 9:35 David Mota: cancelled 9:55 Filippo Vernizzi: The w<-1 side of quintessence 10:15 Jochen Weller: Complementarity of Future Dark Energy Probes 10:35 ---- coffee--- 11:00 Luca Amendola: The dark side of gravity 11:35 David Wiltshire: Dark energy without dark energy 12:55 Psin Chen: Cosmological Constant as a Manifestation of the Hierarchy 12:15 ---- lunch ---- Afternoon Session: Supernovae 14:00 Adam Riess: SN constraints on Dark Energy 14:35 Pierre Astier: SNLS 14:55 Josh Frieman: Results from the SDSS-II Supernova Survey 15:15 Marek Kowalski: Studying Dark Energy with the Union Supernova data 15:35 ---- coffee and Poster viewing 16:15 Wolfgang Hillebrandt: Multidimensional Simulations of Type Ia Supernova Explosions 16:50 Robert Kirshner: New Results on Type ia Supernova as Standard Candles 17:10 Stephane Blondin: Time dilation in Type Ia Supernova Spectra at High Redshifts 17:30 Bruno Leibundgut: SNe and future Dark Energy measurements Thursday, Oct. 9, 2008 Morning Session: Modified Gravity, Brane Worlds etc 9:00 Roy Maartens: Modified gravity from braneworlds 9:35 Georgi Dvali: Gravity in far infrared 10:10 Dieter Luest: An update on brane inflation 10:30 ---- coffee ---- 11:00 Wayne Hu: Cosmic Acceleration from Modified Gravity: f(R) - A Worked Example 11:35 Syksy Rasanen: Backreaction 11:55 Kurt Hinterbichler: See-saw models of vacuum energy 12:15 ---- lunch ---- Afternoon Session: Microwave Background 14:00 Eiichiro Komatsu: WMAP 5-year results: Implication for Dark Energy and Inflation 14:35 Jean-Loup Puget: The Planck Survey and Dark Energy 15:10 Tony Mroczkowski: An improved moedl for fitting SZE + x-ray observations of galaxy clusters 15:30 ---- coffee ---- 16:00 Suzanne Stags: Results from the Atacama Cosmology Telescope 16:20 Istvan Szapudi: Detecting Dark Energy from Supervoids and Superclusters 16:40 Tommaso Giannantonio: Combined analysis of the integrated Sachs-Wolfe effect and cosmological implications 17:00 Thorsten Ensslin: Information theory for cosmological perturbation reconstruction and signal analysis 17:20 John Carlstroem: First results from the South Pole Telescope (SPT) 17:40 Ruediger Kneissl: Sunyaev-Zel'dovich Cluster Observations with APEX Friday, Oct. 10, 2008 Morning Session: Dark Energy-Dark Matter connection 9:00 Hans-Peter Nilles : Axions Forever 9:35 Marco Baldi: Structure formation in presence of dark interactions 9:55 Margherita Grossi: Impact of early dark energy on non-linear structure formation 10:15 coffee and Poster viewing 11:00 Shaun Cole: Cosmological simulations and forecasts for future surveys 11:35 Valeria Pettorino: Neutrino clustering in interacting dark energy cosmologies 11:55 Klaus Dolag: Cosmological hydrodynamical simulations in various dark energy scenarios 12:15 ---- lunch ---- Afternoon session: Large Scale Structure 14:00 Peacock: Dark Information in the Galaxy Distribution 14:35 Daniel Eisenstein: Baryonic Acoustic Oscillations: A Robust and Precise Route to the Cosmological Distance Scale 15:55 Bob Nichol: Combining Different Measurements of Dark Energy 15:15 Karl Gebhardt: HETDEX Update and Pilot Survey Results 15:35 ---- coffee ---- 16:00 Roman Scoccimarro: Nonlinear growth of structure: challenges and opportunities 16:35 Uros Seljak: A new approach to redshift space distortions as a probe of dark energy 16:55 Luigi Guzzo: Testing dark energy with redshift-space distortion at high redshift 17:15 Yipeng Jing: Feasibility of detecting dark energy using bispectrum 17:35 Stefanie Phleps: LSS and BAOs with Pan-STARRS Saturday, Oct. 11, 2008 Morning Session: Gravitational Lensing 9:00 Peter Schneider: Gravitational Lensing: Basic Theory 9:35 Yannick Mellier: Observational results: Results from the CFHLS 10:10 Thomas Kitching: icosmo: a suite of resources and tools for cosmology 10:30 ---- coffee ---- 11:00 Andy Taylor: Prospects for future Weak Lensing Surveys 11:35 Stella Seitz: Constraining Dark Energy with the Shear Ratio Test 11:55 Rene Laureijs: EUCLID: a space mission to map the Dark Universe 12:15 ---- lunch ---- Afternoon Session: Galaxy Clusters 14:00 Joe Mohr: Galaxy Cluster Cosmology: Current Status and Future Prospects 14:35 Hans Boehringer: X-ray surveys 14:55 Alexey Vikhlinin: Dark energy constraints from growth of structure: results from the 400°2 X-ray 15:15 Gus Evrard: Signal Covariance for Clusters of Galaxies: Theory and Observation 15:35 Peter Predehl/Günter Hasinger: eROSITA 15:55 Ofer Lahav: The Dark Energy Survey 16:15 ---- Coffee ---- 16:45 Conference Summary, Michael Turner End: 17:45


Abrashkin, Anatolii:
The model of dark matter and gravitational waves
Amati, Lorenzo:
Measuring cosmological parameters with the Ep,i-Eiso correlation of Gamma-Ray Bursts
Bertacca, Daniele:
Unified Dark Matter Models
Blomqvist, Michael:
Probing Dark Energy Inhomogeneities with Supernovae
Blondin, Stephane:
Are distant and nearby Type Ia supernovae really the same?
Cai, Yanchuan:
Second order contribution to the ISW effect
Castander, Francisco:
The PAU survey
Debono, Ivan:
Weak lensing tomography with neutrinos and a running spectral index
DeLaGuia, Cristina:
Studying Dark Energy using the Alcock-Paczynski test on the Ly-α Forest
Dokuchaev, Vyacheslav:
Cosmic censorship for phantom energy
Elizalde, Emilio:
Cosmological imprint of vacuum energy fluctuations
Er, Xinzhong:
weak lensing flexion
Fedeli, Cosimo:
Can early-dark energy solve the arc statistics problem?
Fernandez, Enrique:
Prospects in Constraining the Dark Energy Potential with BAO surveys
Francis, Matthew:
Can Early Dark Energy be Detected in Non-Linear Structure?
Frommert, Mona:
Optimal ISW detection and joint likelihood for cosmological parameter estimation
High, Fredrick:
Optical Follow-up of Sunyaev-Zeldovich Clusters
Hill, Gary:
HETDEX: the Hobby-Eberly Telescope Dark Energy Experiment
Israel, Holger:
The 400d X-ray Survey: Weak Lensing Mass Estimates For Distant X-Ray Clusters Of Galaxies
Jasche, Jens:
Sampling the power spectrum of 3d redshift surveys
Jeong, Donghui:
Perturbation theory reloaded : Toward The Precise Modeling Of The Galaxy Power Spectrum In The High-z Galaxy Survey
Kilbinger, Martin:
Constraints on dark energy from CFHTLS weak lensing, SNIa and CMB
Kwan, Juliana:
Dark Energy and Inhomogeneous Cosmologies
Lampeitl, Hubert:
Combining SDSS 1st year supernova results with various other cosmological constraints at low redshift
Lam, Tsz Yan:
The Probability Distribution Function of Dark Matter in redshift space and a reconstruction method for the initial distribution function
Lustig, Sven:
Cosmic topology and cosmic microwave background
Miyazaki, Satoshi:
Subaru Suprime-Cam Weak Lensing Cluster Survey Program
Montesano, Francesco:
BAO distortions in the Non Linear Power Spectrum
Muehlegger, Martin:
Prospects for detecting galaxy clusters with eROSITA
Wagner, Christian, Mueller, Volker:
How to constrain Dark Energy with Baryon Acoustic Oscillations
Nishimichi, Takahiro:
Accuracy of Cosmological N-body Simulations
Nishizawa, Atsushi:
Cross-correlation study of the Rees-Sciama effect with the weak lensing and implications for dark energy
Noh, Hyerim:
Weakly non-linear perturbation study in the universe with the cosmological constant
Nouri-Zonoz, Mohammad:
Cylindrical solutions in F(R) Gravity
Paranjape, Aseem:
Structure Formation, Backreaction and Weak Gravitational Fields
Piechocki, Wlodzimierz:
Quantum Big Bounce
Pielorz, Jasmin:
The non-Gaussian power spectrum covariance in the halo model approach
Puchwein, Ewald:
The impact of AGN feedback on cluster scaling relations
Quartin, Miguel:
Cosmic Parallax
Refregier, Alexandre:
weak lensing, weak lensing with Euclid
Rowe, Barney:
Shapelet weak lensing analysis of galaxies and stars in the CFHTLS
Räth, Christoph:
Model-independent tests for scale-dependent non-Gaussianities in the CMB
Sanchez, Ariel:
What is the best way to measure baryonic acoustic oscillations?
Schlagenhaufer, Holger:
Measuring wDE with the correlation function
Schmidt, Fabian:
Weak lensing and Large Scale Structure in Modified Gravity
Sergijenko, Olga:
Scalar Field as Dark Energy; Classical Field versus Tachyon
Sheykhi, Ahmad:
String inspired explanation for the superacceleration of our Universe
Shoji, Masatoshi:
Extracting Distance Scales from BAO in Galaxy Power Spectrum
Simon, Patrick:
3D-mass reconstructions using cosmic shear tomography data
Soares-Santos, Marcelle :
Cosmography with Galaxy Clusters: shedding light on Dark Energy
Vavylovava, Iryna:
"Dark Matter in Poor Groups in Different Environment: Are these facts appeal on a dark matter component changing and flows during the evolution?"
Vernov, Sergey:
Nonlocal models in the Friedmann-Robertson-Walker metric
Viana, Pedro:
Cosmological constraints from the XCS: XMM Cluster Survey
Wagner, Christian:
Measuring Dark Energy with Galaxy Cluster Surveys
How to constrain Dark Energy with Baryon Acoustic Oscillations
Waizmann, Jean-Claude:
Impact of Early Dark Energy on the Planck SZ cluster sample

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