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  1. 2781.
    Neuhäuser, R.; Guenther, E.; Mugrauer, M.; Ott, T.; Eckart, A.: Infrared imaging and spectroscopy of companion candidates near the young stars HD 199143 and HD 358623 in Capricornius. Astronomy & Astrophysics 395 (3), S. 877 - 883 (2002)
  2. 2782.
    Neuhäuser, R.; Guenther, E. W.; Alves, J.; Grosso, N.; Leinert, C.; Ratzka, T.; Ott, T.; Mugrauer, M.; Comerón, F.; Eckart, A. et al.; Brandner, W.: Deep infrared imaging and spectroscopy of the nearby late M- dwarf DENIS-P J104814-395606. Astronomische Nachrichten 323 (5), S. 447 - 452 (2002)
  3. 2783.
    Onishi, T.; Mizuno, A.; Kawamura, A.; Tachihara, K.; Fukui, Y.: A complete search for dense cloud cores in Taurus. The Astrophysical Journal 575, S. 950 - 973 (2002)
  4. 2784.
    Papadakis, I. E.; Brinkmann, W.; Negoro, H.; Gliozzi, M.: Detection of a high frequency break in the X-ray power spectrum of Ark 564. Astronomy & Astrophysics 382 (1), S. L1 - L4 (2002)
  5. 2785.
    Pavlov, G. G.; Zavlin, V. E.; Sanwal, D.; Trümper, J.: IE 1207.4-520: the puzzling pulsar at the center of the supernova remnant PKS 1209-51/52. The Astrophysical Journal 569, S. L95 - L98 (2002)
  6. 2786.
    Pietsch, W.; Read, A. M.: An X-ray view of the active nucleus in NGC 4258. Astronomy & Astrophysics 384 (3), S. 793 - 798 (2002)
  7. 2787.
    Pointecouteau, E.; Hattori, M.; Neumann, D.; Komatsu, E.; Matsuo, H.; Kuno, N.; Böhringer, H.: SZ and X-ray combined analysis of a distant galaxy cluster, RX J2228+2037. Astronomy & Astrophysics 387 (1), S. 56 - 62 (2002)
  8. 2788.
    Posch, T.; Hron, J.; Wuchterl, G.: Wieviele Sterne sehen wir noch? Sterne und Weltraum 41 (1), S. 62 - 63 (2002)
  9. 2789.
    Quinn, R. A.; Goree, J.: Particle interaction measurements in a Coulomb crystal using caged-particle motion. Physical Review Letters 88 (19), 195001, S. 195001-1 - 195001-4 (2002)
  10. 2790.
    Reiprich, T. H.; Böhringer, H.: The mass function of an X-ray flux-limited sample of galaxy clusters. The Astrophysical Journal 567 (2), S. 716 - 740 (2002)
  11. 2791.
    Rupke, D. S.; Veilleux, S.; Sanders, D. B.: Keck absorption-line spectroscopy of galactic winds in ultraluminous infrared galaxies. The Astrophysical Journal 570 (2), S. 588 - 609 (2002)
  12. 2792.
    Rutledge, R. E.; Bildsten, L.; Brown, E. F.; Pavlov, G. G.; Zavlin, V. E.; Ushomirsky, G.: Crustal emission and the quiescent spectrum of the neutron star in KS 1731-260. The Astrophysical Journal 580 (1), S. 413 - 422 (2002)
  13. 2793.
    Rutledge, R.E.; Bildsten, L.; Brown, E.F.; Pavlov, G.G.; Zavlin, V. E.: A possible transient neutron star in quiescence in the globular cluster NGC 5139. The Astrophysical Journal 578 (1), S. 405 - 412 (2002)
  14. 2794.
    Rutledge, R. E.; Bildsten, L.; Brown, E. F.; Pavlov, G. G.; Zavlin, V. E.: Variable thermal emission from aquila X-1 in quiescence. The Astrophysical Journal 577 (1), S. 346 - 358 (2002)
  15. 2795.
    Sakelliou, I.; Peterson, J. R.; Tamura, T.; Paerels, F. B. S.; Kaastra, J. S.; Belsole, E.; Böhringer, H.; Branduardi-Raymont, G.; Ferrigno, C.; den Herder, J. W. et al.; Kennea, J.; Mushotzky, R. F.; Vestrand, W. T.; Worrall, D. M.: High resolution soft X-ray spectroscopy of M 87 with the reflection grating spectrometers on XMM-Newton. Astronomy & Astrophysics 391 (3), S. 903 - 909 (2002)
  16. 2796.
    Sanwal, D.; Pavlov, G. G.; Zavlin, V. E.; Teter, M. A.: Discovery of absorption features in the X-ray spectrum of an isolated neutron star. The Astrophysical Journal 574 (1), S. L61 - L64 (2002)
  17. 2797.
    Sasaki, M.; Haberl, F.; Pietsch, W.: ROSAT PSPC view of the hot interstellar medium of the Magellanic Clouds. Astronomy & Astrophysics 392 (1), S. 103 - 114 (2002)
  18. 2798.
    Schanne, S.; Cordier, B.; Gros, M.; Mur, M.; Crespin, S.; Joly, S.; Knödlseder, J.; Mandrou, P.; Paul, P.; Roques, J.-P. et al.; Vedrenne, G.; André, Y.; Clair, M.-A.; Clauss, P.; Georgii, R.; Lichti, G.; Kienlin, A. v.; Dubath, P.: The space-borne INTEGRAL-SPI gamma ray telescope: Test and calibration campaigns. IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science 49 (3), S. 1226 - 1232 (2002)
  19. 2799.
    Scheck, L.; Aloy, M. A.; Marti, J. M.; Gomez, J. L.; Müller, E.: Does the plasma composition affect the long-term evolution of relativistic jets? Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 331 (3), S. 615 - 634 (2002)
  20. 2800.
    Schneider, D. P.; Richards, G. T.; Fan, X.; Hall, P. B.; Strauss, M. A.; Vanden Berk, D. E.; Gunn, J. E.; Newberg, H. J.; Reichard, T. A.; Stoughton, C. et al.; Voges, W.; Yanny, B.; Anderson, S. F.; Annis, J.; Bahcall, N. A.; Bauer, A.; Bernardi, M.; Blanton, M. R.; Boroski, W. N.; Brinkmann, J.; Briggs, J. W.; Brunner, R.; Burles, S.; Carey, L.; Castander, F. J. ..; Connolly, A. J.; Csabai, I.; Doi, M.; Friedman, S.; Frieman, J.; Fukugita, M.; Heckman, T. M.; Hennessy, G. S.; Hindsley, R. B.; Hogg, D. W.; Ivezic, Z.; Kent, S.; Knapp, G. R.; Kunzst, P. Z.; Lamb, D. Q.; Leger, R. F.; Long, D. C.; Loveday, J.; Lupton, R. H.; Margon, B.; Meiksin, A.; Merelli, A.; Munn, J. A.; Newcomb, M.; Nichol, R. C.; Owen, R.; Pier, J. R.; Pope, A.; Rockosi, C. M.; Saxe, D. H.; Schlegel, D.; Siegmund, W. A.; Smee, S.; Snir, Y.; SubbaRao, M.; Szalay, A. S.; Thakar, A. R.; Uomoto, A.; Waddell, P.; York, D. G.: The Sloan Digital Sky Survey Quasar Catalog. I. Early data release. The Astronomical Journal 123 (2), S. 567 - 577 (2002)
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