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  1. 101.
    Moskalenko, I. V.; Porter, T. A.; Strong, A. W.: Attenuation of very high energy gamma rays by the Milky Way interstellar radiation field. Astrophysical Journal 640 (2 Part 2), S. L155 - L158 (2006)
  2. 102.
    Paltani, S.; Attie, D.; Domingo Garau, A.; Larsson, S.; Paul, J.; Shtykovsky, P.; Strong, A.; Williams, O. R.: INTEGRAL detection of a strong outburst in 4U 1954+31. The Astronomer's Telegram 796 (2006)
  3. 103.
    Porter, T. A.; Moskalenko, I. V.; Strong, A. W.: Inverse Compton emission from galactic supernova remnants: effect of the interstellar radiation field. Astrophysical Journal 648 (1 Part 2), S. L29 - L32 (2006)
  4. 104.
    Ptuskin, V. S.; Moskalenko, I. V.; Jones, F. C.; Strong, A. W.; Zirakashvili, V. N.: Dissipation of magnetohydrodynamic waves on energetic particles: impact on interstellar turbulence and cosmic-ray transport. The Astrophysical Journal 642 (2 Part 1), S. 902 - 916 (2006)
  5. 105.
    Bouchet, L.; Roques, J. P.; Mandrou, P.; Strong, A.; Diehl, R.; Lebrun, F.; Terrier, R.: INTEGRAL SPI observation of the galactic central radian: contribution of discrete sources and implication for the diffuse emission. The Astrophysical Journal 635 (2 Part 1), S. 1103 - 1115 (2005)
  6. 106.
    Dubath, P.; Knödlseder, J.; Skinner, G. K.; Connell, P.; Kreykenbohm, I.; Strong, A.; Sizun, P.; Attié, D.; Schanne, S.; Cordier, B. et al.; Bouchet, L.; Kienlin, A. v.: The INTEGRAL spectrometer SPI: performance of point-source data analysis. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 357 (2), S. 420 - 428 (2005)
  7. 107.
    Schröder, R.; Schlickeiser, R.; Strong, A. W.: Diffuse galactic sub-MeV γ-ray excess from high-energy electrons. Astronomy & Astrophysics 442 (3), S. L45 - L48 (2005)
  8. 108.
    Strong, A. W.; Diehl, R.; Halloin, H.; Schönfelder, V.; Bouchet, L.; Mandrou, P.; Lebrun, F.; Terrier, R.: Gamma-ray continuum emission from the inner galactic region as observed with INTEGRAL/SPI. Astronomy & Astrophysics 444 (2), S. 495 - U86 (2005)
  9. 109.
    Lebrun, F.; Terrier, R.; Bazzano, A.; Bélanger, G.; Bird, A.; Bouchet, L.; Del Santo, M.; Goldwurm, A.; Lund, N.; Morand, H. et al.; Parmar, A.; Paul, J.; Roques, J.-P.; Schönfelder, V.; Strong, A. W.; Ubertini, P.; Walter, R.; Winkler, C.: Compact sources as the origin of the soft bold gamma-ray emission of the Milky Way. Nature 428 (6980), S. 293 - 296 (2004)
  10. 110.
    Strong, A. W.; Moskalenko, I. V.; Reimer, O.: A new determination of the extragalactic diffuse gamma-ray background from EGRET data. The Astrophysical Journal 613 (2), S. 956 - 961 (2004)
  11. 111.
    Strong, A. W.; Moskalenko, I. V.; Reimer, O.: Diffuse galactic continuum gamma rays: a model compatible with EGRET data and cosmic-ray measurements. The Astrophysical Journal 613 (2), S. 962 - 976 (2004)
  12. 112.
    Strong, A. W.; Moskalenko, I. V.; Reimer, O.; Digel, S.; Diehl, R.: The distribution of cosmic-ray sources in the galaxy, y-rays and the gradient in the CO-to-H2 relation. Astronomy & Astrophysics 422 (3), S. L47 - L50 (2004)
  13. 113.
    Attié, D.; Cordier, B.; Gros, M.; Laurent, P.; Schanne, S.; Tauzin, G.; Ballmoos, P. v.; Bouchet, L.; Jean, P.; Knödlseder, J. et al.; Mandrou, P.; Paul, P.; Roques, J.-P.; Skinner, G.; Vedrenne, G.; Georgii, R.; Kienlin, A. v.; Lichti, G.; Schönfelder, V.; Strong, A.; Wunderer, C.; Shrader, C.; Sturner, S.; Teegarden, B.; Weidenspointner, G.; Kiener, J.; Porquet, M.-G.; Tatischeff, V.; Crespin, S.; Joly, S.; André, Y.; Sanchez, F.; Leleux, P.: INTEGRAL/SPI ground calibration. Astronomy & Astrophysics 411 (1), S. L71 - L79 (2003)
  14. 114.
    Bouchet, L.; Jourdain, E.; Roques, J. P.; Mandrou, P.; Ballmoos, P. v.; Boggs, S.; Caraveo, P.; Cassé, M.; Cordier, B.; Diehl, R. et al.; Durouchoux, P.; Kienlin, A. v.; Knödlseder, J.; Jean, P.; Leleux, P. P.; Lichti, G. G.; Matteson, J.; Sanchez, F.; Schanne, S.; Schönfelder, V.; Skinner, G.; Strong, A.; Teegarden, B.; Vedrenne, G.; Wunderer, C.: SPI/INTEGRAL observation of the Cygnus region. Astronomy & Astrophysics 411 (1), S. L377 - L382 (2003)
  15. 115.
    Courvoisier, T. J.-L.; Walter, R.; Beckmann, V.; Dean, A. J.; Dubath, P.; Hudec, R.; Kretschmar, P.; Mereghetti, S.; Montmerle, T.; Mowlavi, N. et al.; Paltani, S.; Preite Martinez, A.; Produit, N.; Staubert, R.; Strong, A. W.; Swings, J.-P.; Westergaard, N. J.; White, N.; Winkler, C.; Zdziarski, A. A.: The INTEGRAL Science Data Centre (ISDC). Astronomy & Astrophysics 411 (1), S. L53 - L57 (2003)
  16. 116.
    Diehl, R.; Baby, N.; Beckmann, V.; Connell, P.; Dubath, P.; Jean, P.; Knödlseder, J.; Roques, J.-P.; Schanne, S.; Shrader, C. et al.; Skinner, G.; Strong, A.; Sturner, S.; Teegarden, B.; Kienlin, A. v.; Weiderspointner, G.: SPI-specific analysis method and software overview. Astronomy & Astrophysics 411 (1), S. L117 - L121 (2003)
  17. 117.
    Diehl, R.; Knödlseder, J.; Lichti, G. G.; Kretschmer, K.; Schanne, S.; Schönfelder, V.; Strong, A. W.; Kienlin, A. v.; Weidenspointner, G.; Winkler, C. et al.; Wunderer, C.: SPI measurements of Galactic 26Al. Astronomy & Astrophysics 411 (1), S. L451 - L455 (2003)
  18. 118.
    Jean, P.; Knödlseder, J.; Lonjou, V.; Allain, M.; Roques, J.-P.; Skinner, G. K.; Teegarden, B. J.; Vedrenne, G.; Ballmoos, P. v.; Cordier, B. et al.; Caraveo, P.; Diehl, R.; Durouchoux, P.; Mandrou, P.; Matteson, J.; Gehrels, N.; Schönfelder, V.; Strong, A. W.; Ubertini, P.; Weidenspointner, G.; Winkler, C.: Early SPI/INTEGRAL measurements of 511 keV line emission from the 4th quadrant of the Galaxy. Astronomy & Astrophysics 407, DOI: 10.1051/0004-6361:20031056, S. L55 - L58 (2003)
  19. 119.
    Kienlin, A. v.; Beckmann, V.; Rau, A.; Arend, N.; Bennett, K.; McBreen, B.; Connell, P.; Deluit, S.; Hanlon, L.; Hurley, K. et al.; Kippen, M.; Lichti, G. G.; Moran, L.; Preece, P.; Roques, J.-P.; Schönfelder, V.; Skinner, G.; Strong, A.; Williams, R.: INTEGRAL spectrometer SPI’s GRB detection capabilities: GRBs detected inside SPI’s FoV and with the anticoincidence system ACS. Astronomy & Astrophysics 411 (1), S. L299 - L305 (2003)
  20. 120.
    Moskalenko, I. V.; Strong, A. W.; Mashnik, S. G.; Ormes, J. F.: Challenging cosmic-ray propagation with antiprotons: evidence for a “fresh” nuclei component? The Astrophysical Journal 586, S. 1050 - 1066 (2003)
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