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Zeitschriftenartikel (4)

  1. 1.
    Bryant, P. M.: The structure of the complex plasma boundary. New Journal of Physics 6, 60, S. 1 - 15 (2004)
  2. 2.
    Bryant, P.: Floating potential of spherical probes and dust grains in collisional plasmas. Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 36, S. 2859 - 2868 (2003)
  3. 3.
    Morfill, G. E.; Annaratone, B. M.; Bryant, P.; Ivlev, A. V.; Thomas, H. M.; Zuzic, M.; Fortov, V. E.: A review of liquid and crystalline plasmas - new physical states of matter? Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 44 (Suppl. 12B), S. B263 - B277 (2002)
  4. 4.
    Annaratone, B. M.; Khrapak, S. A.; Bryant, P.; Morfill, G. E.; Rothermel, H.; Thomas, H. M.; Zuzic, M.; Fortov, V. E.; Molotkov, V. I.; Nefedov, A. P. et al.; Krikalev, S.; Semenov, Y. P.: Complex-plasma boundaries. Physical Review E 66 (5), 056411, S. 056411-1 - 056411-4 (2002)
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