Research 2010 - 2012  --  A Book of Highlights

This book of MPE research and experimental highlights for the years 2010 to 2012 was produced for the MPE Fachbeirat Meeting of July 8 to 10, 2013. Its goal is to provide a comprehensive overview as well as detailed information on science results, data analysis activities, ongoing experimental projects and detector developments in a fashion that is supplementary to the Science Report for these years. Scientists were encouraged to submit their highlight contribution for the three-years period. The authors of the posters are clearly identified and are solely responsible for their contents.

The contributions are sorted according to MPE groups (the main groups as well as sub-groups). They are also marked by different colors of their abstracts. Inside the groups posters are sorted with respect to science or instrumental/hardware topics.

  Whole Book (pdf, 34 MB!)

Front Cover:

Time series of position-velocity-diagrams of the Brackett-gamma line emission from the recently discovered gas cloud G2 falling toward Sgr A*, the massive black hole in the Galactic Center. The diagrams are a composite of seven years of near-infrared integral field spectroscopy, obtained at the VLT with SINFONI by applying adaptive optics.

G2 approaches the pericenter of its orbit during these years. The time of closest approach is predicted for late 2013. While the radial velocity steadily increases, the cloud gets tidally torn apart, developing a shear visible as continuously increasing velocity width.

For details see the poster at page 24.

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