Apprenticeship and Internships at MPE


The training workshop offers training to become an industrial mechanic and has 8 apprenticeship training position.

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The MPE also offers some internship possibilities in both technical and scientific aerea. Both pubil and university students should contact the public outreach office or the responsible department managers.

Internship for students in the field of mechanics

The internship for mechanical engineering is divided into a manufacturing and an engineering internship.

Manufacturing internship

Manufacturing Internship is the first part of the Mechanical Engineering study. This basic internship shall usually take place before starting the universtity studies. Duration and contents of the internship vary from university to university. It can be completed out in our mechanical apprenticeship workshop.


Engineering internship

The specialized internship is the second part of the industrial internship and can be done in the mechanical design and development department.


Internship for pupils in the field of mechanics

Pupils have the opportunity to do an internship in the field of industrial mechanics in our training workshop for a week.

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