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International Max-Planck Research School on Astrophysics (IMPRS)

In a collaboration with the Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics (MPA), the Observatory of the Ludwig Maximilians University (USM), and the European Southern Observatory (ESO) MPE offers excellent research opportunities in theoretical and observational astrophysics for the IMPRS students, covering all wavelengths from radio waves to gamma rays. Students conduct their graduate studies in a very stimulating environment and have the opportunity to develop a broad background in astrophysics beyond their own dedicated research project. The MPE is one of the world leaders in infrared, X-ray and gamma-ray astronomy and is participating in satellite projects and the construction of instrumentation for large ground-based observatories. Graduate students will receive comprehensive training in theoretical and observational astronomy covering the whole spectrum of research activities present in the participating institutes.

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You can find more information about the scientific work at MPE on the webpages of the various research areas and groups:

Research areas

Center for Astrochemical Studies (director: Paola Caselli)

High-energy astrophysics  (director: K. Nandra)

Infrared and submillimetre astronomy (director: R. Genzel, F. Eisenhauer)

Optical and interpretative astronomy (director: R. Bender)

Research groups

Galaxy dynamics  (Head: O. Gerhard)

Physics of Active Galactic Nuclei (Head: A. Burkert)

Star and Planet Formation (Head: E. van Dishoeck)



The MPE also offers some internship possibilities. Both high school and university students should contact :

Tobias Herrmann
Public Outreach
Tel. 089 30000-3981


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