Equal Opportunities

MPE is committed to equality of opportunity in all respects. Individuals have a right to be treated in a fair and equal manner in accordance with the law regardless of issues such as race, colour, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin or disability.

We furthermore support measures that ensure that our recruitment practices and workplace environment are such that they promote diversity and inclusiveness in the workplace.


Family Service "pme Familienservice"
Childcare places in the home and in industry-wide day-care centres; contract with the service company "pme Familienservice" to arrange care (including for the elderly); financial subsidies for childcare at conferences

Family Office (accessible only internally)
The family office offers a workplace for you and toys to play with for your children. which can be used in urgent cases when your usual childcare is not available for you.

Reimbursement for child care costs (accessible only internally)
Reimbursement of necessary child care costs during business trips is possible on request and according to the MPS guidelines.

Childcare subsidy for infants (accessible only internally)
A new childcare subsidy from the Max Planck Society will be helping young scientists finance childcare for children aged between three and twelve months. The pilot project will initially run for a year.


Career building support

Independent Max Planck Research Groups
The MPS offers excellent junior scientists an additional opportunity to qualify for a further career as leader of an independent research group for five years. Funds for personnel, equipment and running costs are provided.

MPG Career Steps Network
For comprehensive information on programmes and activities in the areas of career development and reconciliation of work and family

Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard Foundation
Supports talented young female scientists with children

Career building program Sign up!
Series of seminars for female scientists in their postdoc phase for preparation for leadership positions. Three blocks of seminars about personal skills, information about academic activity and contacts to excellent scientists at the MPS.


The MPG is a partner of AcademiaNet, a database with profiles of excellent scientists

MPG LeadNet
All researchers with current (or future) leadership responsibility (such as group, team and project leaders) are highly encouraged to take part of LeadNet which meets annually in May of each year at Harnackhaus, Berlin

A mentoring network for female doctoral students and diploma students, for postdoctoral students and those working on lecturing qualifications

A network for female scientists after their postdoc phase, tied to the Chemistry, Physics and Technology Section

MPG PhD network
serves as platform for exchange among doctoral researchers at Max Planck Institutes

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