Laboratories and X-ray Test Facilities

Two X-ray test facilities (PANTER and PUMA) are operated by the High-Energy Astrophysics group and provide an unique service to test X-ray equipment from all over the world. Components for almost all major X-ray satellites have been tested there. MPE was substantially involved in the development, testing and calibration of the X-ray telescopes and the EPIC-pn camera for XMM-Newton and the Low Energy Transmission Grating (LETG) for Chandra.

The radiation detectors for our high-energy applications are developed in the Semiconductor laboratory of the Max Planck Society (Halbleiterlabor). The EPIC-pn CCDs, which are operated on board of XMM-Newton since more than 12 years, work perfectly. A similar detector of this type with improved properties is currently prepared for eROSITA.

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