Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Since more than 40 Years the mechanical Department works successfully in close cooperation with the scientists and project groups, electronics and Software Department as well as the air and aerospace industry. Ground - and space-based instruments for the experimental Astrophysics are developed, constructed, manufactured to a large extent, tested, and put into operation.

A correspondingly sophisticated infrastructure and highly trained and motivated staff, consisting of engineers, technicians and mechanics that are the basis for the successful implementation of the research and development projects.

The range includes infrared and X-ray detector systems and cameras, complex spectrometer, telescopes, complete payloads for rocket experiments and satellites, experiments for the international space station ISS, but also laboratory equipment.

Recent examples include instrumentation for large telescopes of the European Southern Observatory (ESO), the large binocular telescope (LBT) and the XXM-Newton, Herschel space observatories and eROSITA of ESA and DLR.

Mechanical design and development
The task area of the design Department include not only the concept development and creation of workshop drawings with the aid of 2D/3D CAD. more
Mechanical Workshop
In the mechanical workshop sophisticated items are produced on conventional and CNC machines. The plastic laboratory, the locksmith, the Carpenter, and the training workshop are part of the mechanical workshop. more

The training workshop offers training to become an industrial mechanic.

The in-house developed and manufactured parts, assemblies, experiments, spectrometer, telescopes etc. can be tested for vibration, thermal loads and under thermal vacuum conditions in the test laboratories of the Institute, which also include the integration Hall and cleanrooms.
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