The KMOS Consortium

KMOS is a joint project of british and german institutes together with ESO. See the links of the other institutes for their web pages on KMOS.

Institutes Tasks
MPE link Max Planck Institute for extraterrestrial Physics
  • Project Scientist
  • Science Workpackage
  • Detector Procurement
  • Data Reduction Software
USM external link University Observatory of Munich
  • Co-PI
  • Instrument Electronics & Software
ESO external link European Southern Observatory
  • Infrastructure
  • Detectors
ATC external link United Kingdom Astronomy Technology Centre
  • Project Management
  • Systems Enginering
  • AIV
  • Instrument Scientist
  • Quality Assurance
  • Cryostat
  • Pickoff Arm Design
  • Active Detectot Mount
Durham external link University of Durham
  • PI
  • Pickoff Module
  • Integral Field Units
Oxford external link  University of Oxford
  • Spectrographs
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