Utilities Management

The task of building services is to keep the building and supply systems in a safe and proper condition to operate them economically and adapted to need. Downtimes are to be avoided and problems solved professionally and quickly.

Our building services supervise, control and monitor the following areas:

- Electrical installations (low-voltage power, lighting, data and telephone cabling)

- Ventilation and heating systems

- Cooling systems

- Sanitary areas

- Lifts

- Compressed air systems

- Cranes

- Lifting platforms

- Fire protection equipment

- Energy Planning and Energy Control

- Outdoor facilities

- Winter services

- Coordination of construction


System support, maintenance and troubleshooting

System expansion, modification, documentation

Control engineering

Troubleshooting for all provisioning

Documentation of provisioning

Electrical installation, safety, VDE (German Electrical Engineering Association), testing

Material procurement expertise

Electric lighting

Emergency power supply, emergency lighting, batteries

Data networks, cable assembly

Safety, employee training

Overvoltage protection, EMC measures

Power distribution: repair, modification, extension


Operational safety, full capacity and overloading of electrical supply equipment

Energy planning and optimization

Supervision and monitoring of maintenance contracts

Planning of maintenance, repair, refurbishment

Hazardous materials, waste disposal

Construction management, construction coordination

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