Outer Halos of Early-Type Galaxies and Intracluster Light

Galaxies in a hierarchical universe are growing through accreting smaller systems. We study particularly the outer halos of massive galaxies to find signatures of this process, but also to characterize the kinematics, angular momentum, and dark matter in these halos, and to determine how they blend into their surroundings, the intracluster or intragroup light. We also host the website of the Planetary Nebula Spectrograph (PN.S) project; planetary nebulae are some of the best tracers to study the outermost regions of galaxies which are too faint for conventional spectroscopy.

Main topics

Key publications

Bhattacharya, S., Arnaboldi, M., Hartke, J., Gerhard, O., Comte, V., McConnachie, A., et al., 2019, accepted by A&A
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Current group members Magda and Souradeep together with former group member Johanna during a recent observing trip.
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